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I offer services tailored to you and your specific needs. I tailor services to meet you where you are at, it is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Stress levels are at an all time high in today's workforce. Work stress can lead to poor job satisfaction, decrease in emotional well-being.

work stress
Businesswoman stressed on the phone
Stressed Man with anxiety
  • Wellness Visits and Check-In's

  • ​Implementation of Wellness Programming

  • Maintenance and Tune-Up's 

  • Employee Assistance Programs and Support

  • Consultation on Programming and Strategy 

  • Leadership Support

Are you stressed at work and need support in getting to a healthy balance?

Are you battling a gnarly case of Imposter Syndrome?

Are you a "perfectionistic workaholic"? 

Are you navigating a toxic workplace and feel out of sorts?

Are you a new Therapist and need guidance and support?

Are you in the helping profession and on the brink of 'burnout'?

 toxic workplace

Did you recently graduate and need support in launching into the world as a Therapist? 


Are you navigating stress early on in your career?


Are you struggling with your own identity as a new Therapist?

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