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Who am I, really?

Every now and then, I like to jump into self-reflection and exploration. It used to consist of me taking the Myers-Briggs Big Five Personality Test, Strengths Finder, Enneagram Type or some other fancy personality test to confirm the same old results. Yep, I am an introvert. Yep, I am a ferocious advocate and leader. You got it, I am a deep thinker. Never changes, INFJ Advocate.

I have graduated from repeating the self-analytical strategies and have integrated to the next steps of application. Early in my leadership journey, I took a seminar on Leadership in Non-Profits. I was a clinical supervisor at a Mental Health Crisis residence in the Twin Cities. I felt deflated, exhausted and bitter. I actually took this seminar in hopes that it would "rejuvenate" me. At this seminar, each of us was 100% crispy AF. The instructor quickly read the room and ditched what was asked of her to present. She launched into the most beneficial training I have yet to match. She taught us "heart math" ( and had us collectively learn how to breath and hold and recognize our emotions. We mostly endorsed similar feelings to one another as it related to our workplaces. In this training, I learned about my workplace/career values. I revisit these values often when I feel myself feeling a pull one way or another. It has been my roadmap and my compass. This tool has been useful- so many times.

Here is what I came up with based on strengths-finder, leadership assessments, and group activities.

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